SF, Stanford, Palm Springs, LA and Hawaii- recap

The above were my last stops in the USA and they made it really hard for me to leave…

After Luisa left I stayed for a week with Bille in Stanford being lazy and enjoying the campus life without having to study!…and I didn’t get bored:

  • went to SF to catch up with Val who is currently there for 6 months. We spent a great day walking around the Castro, eating near Mission Dolores and of course ending up in Haight-Ashbury. We were really disappointed we didn’t have enough time to try on a lot of crazy stuff in the vintage stores. I would have loved to see myself in Linda Perry’s outfit when she was singing “What’s up!”
  • nearly assisted as the official photographer to a marriage. A friend of Bille decided to get married. She told it to Bille the night before the marriage…but cancelled her wedding plans the next morning!
  • Celebrated Bille’s b-day: got a nice breakfast with champagne, went to the manicure and pedicure, baked 2 cakes in 1 hour (one burnt and one was not well done…but they were still tasting good) and went out  in SF in Hayes Valley and on Polk Street. Finally great German/ Austrian food!!! and we had a fun night out and a crazy cab ride back to Stanford with the driver shouting every 2 seconds in his phone: “Tasha, Tasha- my girl don’t move! A friend of mine will pick you up! Tasha- please wait! Don’t go home alone. Your skirt is too short!” Turned out Tasha was his 21 year old niece…
  • hated to have to say goodbye to Bille!

I got a really cheap flight to LA and got picked up by Linda’s sister. We had dinner with her parents in a great Italian restaurant with amazing pasta. The next day I drove for 2 days to Palm Springs to meet Dana who stayed there over Labour day week-end to celebrate her friend Johnna’s b-day…and we had a really good time: I met great people, chilled by the pool while sipping vodka cocktails…and it was surprisingly not too hot because it was slightly raining. OK. I managed to get rain in the Grand Canyon, in Monument Valley and in Palm Springs…where it never ususally rains during the summer. There seem to be something special going on with deserts, rain and myself!

Back to LA, I had one of the best weeks of my trip! I stayed with Linda’s sister in her great house in Pacific Palisades and enjoyed every morning my breakfast in the beautiful backyard while playing with Nelson- the cutest dog ever. She also gave me a car and a mountain bike to go around so I was driving HWY 1, cycled from Pacific Palisades to Venice…

Dana took me for a cool hike to Runyon Canyon, we had great food (still can believe how tasty the gluten free donut was) and we had a fun night out in the Abbey- one of the best locations I have ever seen. Every city should get a location like this!!

Linda’s parents took me to the Huntington library and her sister to the Getty- both really beautiful and unique places! We also celebrated Linda’s dad b-day and I made an apple strudel…we served it directly from the oven and it was so hot that the candles were melting in the strudel…I have never seen that before.

I also caught up with my friend Latham who I have seen last time in Paris 7 years ago. It was so cool to see that he is still the same cool, relaxed guy! We went for dinner, he took me to a b-day party of one of his friends and gave me a tour of Paramount Pictures where he is working.

Last stop- Hawaii! I just had 4 days…here the highlights:

  • North Shore- perfect beaches and met 2 really cool people there: Emily and T.J. who are from Texas but live in Hawaii now!
  • Emily and T.J. took me for a hike up a ridge. We got heavy heavy rain! It was so fun!!! I have never been that wet!!! We had to stop under a shelter to wrap our phones in plastic bags! but it was worth it! The view cleared up near the end and we got great views of the Eastern shore and on our West we saw great waterfalls. In the evening they took me to a great local restaurant and we had a fun time just hanging out!
  • Beaches on the West shore…bodyboarders, surfer, kayaks…good place to chill

Well, the adventure in the USA is now officially over. No regrets! Tons and tons of good memories with amazing people…thanks to everyone who has been part of it!!!