Boston and I met under a really bad star: I nearly missed my flight to get there (it took me over an hour in the pouring rain to catch a cab on the street to bring me to the airport)…and when I finally made it to Boston rain and pretty cold temperatures waited for me! 

For me Boston is the most European city I have seen outside of Europe: cobblestones, brick houses, few skyscrapers (what a difference compared to Chicago!)…and very walkable! But in the middle of this European flair I had the chance to see 2 very American things:

1. The Bruins parade: Boston’s hockey team won the Stanley Cup (it’s a very very big deal…) and they had a huge parade across the city. It was totally crazy! Fans everywhere and the whole city was in yellow and black, the team’s colors.

2. The Country fan @ Club Passim: one night I went to see a concert at Club Passim (well as a huge Joan Baez fan it was a must-do) and there was this older guy sitting next to me: he was wearing shorts, a very very old signed Chely Wright t-shirt and was reading the biography of Shania Twain! I didn’t expect to see so much country in Boston!

I also went for 4 days to Cape Cod and there I saw one of the greatest coast landscape I have ever seen! Sand dunes, amazing beaches, green and blue everywhere!…and funny little towns: Kennedy dominated Hyannis, cute towns like Sandwich and Brewster and adorable but crazy Provincetown. Perfect escape to refuel your mind and body!

The same is true for Concord: a small historic town near Boston! Time seems to have stopped there and in the Orchard House you still feel Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women spirit! For some people that was a bit too much…there was a woman who started crying on the tour when she recalled Beth’s death in the book…maybe I am a cold person but that was weird and embarrassing!