After a really sad goodbye in Los Angeles the roadtrip continued…destination NYC via the Southern States. What an adventure!

  • Las Vegas: our first stop and for me a real cultural shock! I was able to deal with fake boobs in Florida but this was weird and way too fake for me! With a couple of others we decided that Las Vegas should only be seen at night so we spent the day doing our laundry (very exciting!) and hit the casinos at night (after a funny pre-party where I was introduced to flip-cup and beer-pong).
  • Zion: so glad to be back on a hiking trail and a good one. Angel’s Landing was fun to hike and I got a new nickname: Gallinore because from that day on I only bought water in gallons and drank gallons. Why bother with bottles?
  • Wild Wild West: we stayed at a cowboy ranch, ate great steaks, had a funky theme party, did an awesome horseback ride (my horse was crazy and had a stupid fringe…loved it!) and were swimming in Lake Powell…could get used to that way of life…
  • Grand Canyon: after a missed sunset (missing sunsets seems to be a recurrent theme on my travels), I saw a pretty sunrise and hiked the Bright Angel Trail with Penny and Jason…yep! we were the only brave up for a big hike!…and a brief but frightening and thankfully harmless encounter with a rattlesnake.
  • Monument Valley: stayed with the Navajos, sang, played the guitar and just enjoyed the beauty of the landscape!
  • The weird part of the trip: being in 4 States at the same time @ 4 Corners (what a surprising name), getting cornered by 4 dogs with Penny on our 6 am run and getting rescued by a woman in a BMW, trying to believe in ufos @ Roswell and adopting a bat in Carlsbad…
  • San Antonio: strolling along the Riverwalk (we are such a bunch of tourists), eating at Dick’s and having a funny night out @ Coyote Ugly. Jason and Adam were in heaven and Katie and Penny made me dance with them on the bar…
  • New Orleans: after a swamp tour we hit New Orleans…what a great city! and it was my b-day! So on our second night we decided to get dressed as Amy Winehouse (as a tribute) and to go out and celebrate. We went to a couple of bars, had lot of fun and met great locals (my favorite being a crazy but lovely woman called Michelle who encouraged Penny and me to dance on a pool table…and yes we did it…). With Katie and Penny we headed back to the hotel at 8am and Penny and I went for a random morning walk till 9.30am…great and random b-day! Thanks guys!!!
  • Mississipi and Alabama: Alex’s feet got eaten by ants so we ended up in a rural clinic somewhere in Mississippi. While the others went shopping I stayed with Alex in the clinic. We were the only white people and most of the other people there have never met a foreigner. So we had a great time! While Alex got examined, they made me tell them about my country, told me all the secrets about Southern food and tried to teach me their Southern accent. Best hospital visit ever!
  • Tennessee and West Virginia: we rafted in Tennessee and attended a weird local concert at night: All the songs of the band were about weed…and everyone was stoned. Headed to West Virginia where I saw the fattest und uggliest people I have ever seen on our campground. I decided that it was the right moment to win my bet: so we went to a Dairy Queen and I finished the large icecream with an extra. I am still obsessed with icecream but I am pretty much done with DQ.
  • Washington DC: strange city…everything was so quiet and the people looked busy, serious and unhappy. Penny, Freya and I decided to break into the campground pool at night. We had a very nice swimm…then Katie tried to climb the fence, broke a chair and we nearly got caught (although it was not Katie’s fault and seeing her breaking the chair was quite hilarious!)
  • NYC: saying goodbye again to my fellow travellers but this time the goodbyes were less hard because we decided to continue the adventure in NYC. I changed my flight so that I could stay there a couple of ¬†days longer and I had a great time. Dev and his girlfriend Kanika were amazing hosts, we celebrated George and Jason’s b-days, the crazy and hilarious adventures of the 3 musketeers (Katie, Penny and myself) continued and we all met Rachel and Sarah for a great night out @ FatCat…

Needless to say that my neighbour in the plane to Portland had to wake me up when we landed…¬†